29 August 2011

MTV VMA Fashion Favorites..

I'm not really a huge fan of awards shows, but I figured the MTV VMA's might be a really fun awards show to watch. Especially for the ridiculous celebrity fashion choices. And man, it did NOT disappoint.

One of the classiest ladies of the night, for sure was Adele. I'm being completely real, sans sarcasm, when I say she looked flawless. The dress she showed up to the VMA's in was a bit blah, but she still looked absolutely fabulous. I think this entrance dress was downplayed because the Barbara Tfank dress she wore for her performance of "Someone Like You" was a dream. Definitely not blah. And her hair was styled to perfection.

The other celebrities that decided to dress out of the box, or, for Katy Perry's sake, with a box on her head, let's just say a lot of their choices just kinda flopped for me. 

I love Nikki Minaj, but she just looked like a children's landfill. I'm not really sure what to look at when I look at her because it's just too much. Too much horribleness. I usually think she takes some nice fashion risks and can sometimes pay off. And I generally like how playfully she dresses. But this is too much. It's called editing, Minaj.

Same goes with Katy Perry. Everything she wore just fell flat. I did think the most interesting thing she wore of the night was the Christian Dior Fall 2011 cube ensemble. It was very playful, the outfit itself, however I don't think she pulls a cube hat off very well. It looked like at any moment it might just fall right off her head, and just poorly styled. Nothing like how it appeared on the runway.

And honestly, I think Katy had something going with her black hair. She was the only pop star really with black hair. Now she's just another pop star thats dying her hair a thousand different colors, and we already have 2 like that.


Images from mtv.com

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