31 August 2011

H&M Pants Collection 2011

Last night, H&M released new photos of their 2011 Pants Collection! I'm a big believer in anything and everything H&M puts out there, so of course I'm loving their trouser styles. 

I really love the wide pant trouser trend. I just don't know if I'd ever really look that good with a wide trouser like that. They're definitely something you have to wear with heels and probably look fantastic on  the vertically inclined. I'm not one of those people. But, maybe I can pull them off. 

I also really love these men's trousers. They mimic the harem pant trend, but look more sophisticated and less pajama like. They'd also be a great choice to show off some awesome shoes.

And of course, I hope the super skinny trend never goes away. I know that it seems like flared jeans are all the rage since the 70's were back in for spring and summer, but I'm just not a flared kinda girl! I love how a cigarette jean elongates my body. Flares just seem to widen my waist, especially depending on the flare size. I'm so happy to see H&M putting out a camel skinny trouser though. Definitely something I would wear with a sweater or blazer. 

You can see the entire H&M pant collection here, on H&M's facebook page.


Images from H&M.

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