03 August 2011


I'm such a huge fan of a good deal. I think spending a lot of money to look fashionable can be irresponsible and down right frivolous! Especially when someone like me, a recent college graduate with no job, has next to no money.

So what's a girl to do who has a taste for designers but not the cash to back it up? Well luckily, the designer collaborations trend is not going away any time soon. One of my favourite designer lines is the "I Heart Ronson" line at JCPenney. I love Charlotte Ronson's trendy runway style, and I love it even more that I can afford to wear it. 

Isn't this sandy striped summer dress fantastic? I'm so happy I was gifted it for my birthday! I love the way it looks like an old, sunfaded beach towel. Perfect for strolling along the river walk in the hot chicago weather. 

Check out the "I Heart Ronson" link above for critic's gushes over Charlotte Ronson's adorable and extremely affordable fashions.

And not to mention, they all happen to be on sale at JCPenney. I have more "I Heart Ronson" dresses to come! Enjoy!


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia

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