04 August 2011


My favourite thing to do in Chicago, besides take walks along the river at night, is spend time at the beach on Lake Michigan. Its almost like being on the ocean, except your eyes don't burn and the beautiful Chicago skyline is in the background. And of course, it's gorgeous Lake Michigan!

So naturally, I spent a lot of time there, and in particular, the Kathy Osterman Beach in Edgewater. Its relatively easy to get to even though far outside the city. You just take the CTA Red Line toward Howard and get off at the Bryn Mawr stop. Once you get off you just walk toward the water! 

My Lake Michigan post linked to a yelp page discussing the Kathy Osterman Beach. I wanted to give everyone some more information on the beach and a better idea of the location than I could really give. Well, turns out I learned a lot about the beach as well. Apparently, it's a Gay Beach!! 

I had my suspicions when we were there. There were definitely a lot of gay couples soaking up the sun, walking along the pier, and swimming. The best gay guy I saw was one who was so committed to reading an article that he walked out into the water with his magazine and just stood there, in the water, reading! It was fantastic! 

I guess thats probably why the beach is so friendly and quiet. I can't recommend it enough if you're looking for a lovely day at the beach!

I had such a great time there. It's definitely not the first time I've been there, and won't be the last! Enjoy me in my J. Crew bathing suit (I know I've already posted this, but it never gets old! Its classic!) and my $3.00 Target beach hat! 


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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