11 August 2011


I used to be an avid sewer. One summer, back in 2007 I think, I spent the entire summer sewing new clothes. I only made about 5 items; sewing takes a lot of time and patience. To be honest,  I was an okay sewer - I still am. But of the few things that came out of that summer of sewing, only a couple really turned into great items, things I wear all the time and enjoy wearing.

This shirt dress is one of them. I went to the Salvation Army, bought the biggest men's button down shirt I could find in a pattern and color I liked and deconstructed it. I took off the arms, and made the belt with those. The shirt was so big and the way it fit me, it ended up that I didn't have to sew on any type of sleeves. The shirt just fell at the right spot, that it made these short capped sleeves that I love. 

I detached the front from the back and sewed along the sides to an angle that curved to my waist and also  gave the skirt a little more "poof" to it, if you will. I also made some darts in the back to really tight the chest area so that it wasn't too baggy on top.

I've gotten several compliments on this dress. That summer, the popularity of the shirt dress hit, and ever since then I've seen almost replicas of mine in every major retailer. It feels great when I wear this, knowing that I made it, and that it only cost me $4.00 rather than $50.00 from somewhere like Urban Outfitters.

If enough people ask, I would totally be will to do a tutorial. But only if people ask. And I mean, more than 2. Like I said, sewing takes a lot of patience, so I would love to help more than a couple people out for the sake of my patience. But I'd definitely be willing to do so! 

Let me know! And of course, ENJOY!


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.


  1. You are such a darling Dana! Thanks! Hope you enjoy my blog! <3