10 August 2011


I never wear maxi dress. Well, scratch that. I guess I am wearing one in this post. But before this dress, I've never even considered a maxi dress. 

I'm a short girl, 5 feet 4 inches, so usually whenever I try on or even consider long dresses, they just drag me down to the ground and make me feel shorter. I love wearing short dresses because they show off my legs and make it appear like I'm taller than I really am.

Yet, when I found this dress at Forever 21 on sale last summer, I had to have it. I loved the way it looked on me. I didn't really feel shorter than normal in it. Maybe it was because the pattern changes in three different places: from black, to animal, to peacock-like feathers. I actually modified this dress from the original. It came with really thin straps but I removed them because I felt it looked better without them.

Since buying this dress, I've changed my mind about maxi's. But to be honest, I still haven't found a maxi dress since this one that I actually like. 

These sunglasses are the second pair I purchased from my nostalgic trip to Claire's. Once I put them on, I had to have them. I wear glasses on a regular basis, and have a couple different pairs to wear with outfits.  I'm about due for a new pair and have been interested in getting a red, circle pair, like the ones with these clip on sunglasses. This was a cheap and easy way of finding out if they would suit my face. I think so! I'm really happy with the way they look on me!

And of course, I love how they compliment this outfit! 

Hope you enjoy! I just love how these pictures turned out!


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.

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