16 August 2011


This past weekend and week has been kind of a lazy one. The summer is winding down, and as much as I'd like to think jobs and moving out are on the horizon, they don't seem to be. I guess I'm still mourning the loss of the job I just interviewed for. 

Yesterday I took my sister to an interview at a local grocery store chain. They had all the school supplies out, ready to purchase. It made me so sad and nostalgic for school. I've never known an Autumn without school supplies, book lists, anxiousness for new classes. This September is definitely going to be an adjustment. I just hope I'm settling into a job and a new apartment. Its what I pray for.

I really love retro inspired summer dresses. I'm sure you've already noticed that as well, since most of my summer looks have a retro-vintage styling to them. This one is no different. I've really wanted to show off my vintage bike on here for a long time. I got it on craigslist for $25! I had to put new tires and tubes on it, and I added the basket, but still! I Schwinn Breeze bike for $25! It was pretty rusty when I got it. But imagine my delight after I rubbed off the rust and polished the chrome fenders. 

It's definitely not a practical bike. I rode it a little when I was at school, but going to a school thats basically on a hill made me realize how difficult to ride the bike really is. So I mostly just cruise around the neighborhood with it now.

I got this lovely little seersucker dress from American Eagle on sale. I paired it with some jelly flats I got from Target in the dollar section! There the only open-toed jellies I've seen anywhere. And they were only $2.50! That beats paying $12 at Urban Outfitters for jellies.

Summer's not over yet. I'm going to enjoy it till the bitter end.


Photos courtesy of Brian Garcia.


  1. This is my favorite one by far! :)

  2. Aww thanks Mady! So glad you like it! <3


  3. lovely pictures !