07 September 2011


When the weather goes from cold to hot, and hot to cold, I seem to struggle to find the proper way to dress. You know, stretch my summer clothes into the fall and vise versa. I don't have an expendable income by any means, and retailers aren't throwing their clothes at me to wear and discuss on here. And to be honest, is that really reasonable? In real life, even if you are chic and stylish and fashionable, you are certainly not getting free clothes from your favorite stores.

So neither am I. But I try to purchase things that I can wear for summer and fall. In the coming weeks I want to give tips to all of you for how you can easily bring an outfit from summer into fall. Its really relatively easy, won't cost too much money, and if you already have the items in your closet, won't cost anything at all!

I wore this dress in my "Feel it All Around" post. I easily brought it into fall by wearing some black tights to keep my legs warm from these ridiculously blustery days we've been having. I also paired it with a navy blazer with nautical button detailing and some fall boots. I got the blazer from the Salvation Army for $2.50, and the boots from Target for $5.00. 

Aside from the practical reasons for wearing the blazer over the dress, I love the way it adds the nautical element and dresses up this chambray day dress. And it allows me to continue wearing it well into fall and winter.


Images courtesy of Brian Garcia at Hate Your Answering Machine

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