08 September 2011


It's practically like a monsoon outside here in Michigan. I'm glad I got some photos in before this rainy spell that was caused by one of the many tropical storms that's been hitting the coast. This rainy weather really makes me want to do nothing more than sleep.

I'm wearing my favorite Salvation Army purchases in this post. I'm a normal human being, american shopper. So that means that my wardrobe isn't endless like some bloggers you see. I hope this particular blog inspires you to recreate and re-piece new outfits from items you already have. 

Regardless, if I had to describe my style, I'd say its definitely preppy, but incredibly eclectic. I like to mix in uber preppy items, like say this blazer, with maybe something particularly trendy or maybe not exactly trendy. It's definitely fun to follow the trends because it keeps your wardrobe in flux. And I like change. Change is always good. 

There are always trends that I don't particularly like because they aren't me. I want to stay true to myself with my clothing, I don't want to sacrifice that for a particular trend. Like say, wearing those massive Jeffrey Campbell Litas. For one thing, I can't afford $200 shoes, and for another, I'm not a particular fan of the 1970's. 

So I'm wearing my blazer again. Although it still added some preppy feel to my "Captain, Captain" post yesterday, I don't feel the look was completely preppy, just more trendy. This look to me is 100% prep school bitch. But its not overly preppy. Not too much plaid. The plaid element is there, but I'm not a huge fan of plaid.

The knee high socks are definitely adding the prep school element as well. This is a trend I've noticed and I'm happy to bring out my knee high and thigh high socks in pride. I actually bought these socks for a Harry Potter costume I wore to a Border's Book Party for the final book release. So I'm getting some good use out of them now! I have some thigh high wool socks that I like to wear in the winter over tights  to keep my legs extra warm. Maybe those will make an appearance soon!

I got the wrinkled skirt from Urban Outfitters for $10. I know I'm going to hear it from my mother that I didn't iron it, but I like the texture it gives the rest of the outfit.  The scarf is from the Salvation Army for $1.00 and the shirt is Gap (and has an adorable bow on the collar which I don't think you can see very well) for $5.00. Pretty good deal, huh? Oh, and I'm wearing my glasses. You should know that I'm always wearing my glasses. I hate contacts. I just don't wear them much in my posts because I don't have anti-glare so its hard to see my eyes with my glasses on normally. Of course I had to wear them for this look.



Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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