15 September 2011


This cold weather is really getting to me! I suppose I haven't fully adjusted to summer being over yet. I've pulled out my fall jackets, I think its time for a new one, maybe a cape.. although I already have a jacket similar to that which I will most likely be posting about next week! 

I love this military style jacket I got on sale from Old Navy last summer. J. Crew had a similar style jacket that I was absolutely in love with but I really couldn't afford so this was a welcomed alternative. I love the muted military green color, the utility pockets, and how it plays with a ultra feminine dress like this summer dress I love from J. Crew. I think it just grunges it up but in a more sophisticated way, and not so "dirty" looking.

This is yet another summer dress I'm bringing into fall. Are you getting the picture? It's really easy to bring summer looks into fall; pair them with some tights, boots, a blazer maybe, or an appropriate fall jacket and voila. Obviously not every summer dress is versatile enough to move right into fall well, but depending on your personal style, I think it can be easy to purchase items that really are that versatile. And why not? More bang for your buck, more cash in your wallet. A side note: I particularly like to wear this dress sometimes in the winter because I love how the pastel pink looks against the snow. So I guess this dress can really be for any season.


PS. Some lovely little does were interested in getting their photos taken. It's the closest I've ever been to deer in my life!

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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