16 September 2011


This Fashion Week has been fantastic! There have been so many designers that I have absolutely loved, that it's almost difficult to show you all my favorite looks, so I'm going to extend my thoughts into the weekend!

Although it seems like my predictions have been staying true through fashion week, it can be really difficult to fit each and every trend. Thats okay, because who cares right? Fashion is fashion is fashion is fashion and when designers do their own thing, even if it's not going with the grain of the typical or expected, it can be refreshing.

So, my favorite shows from Monday and Tuesday:


Prep overload. Marc by Marc Jacobs is one of the only collections that really incorporates darker colors into the collection without really bringing it down. The navy's and bright red/red-orange's are like a dream combination for me. I just love the way they red's pop next to the navy's and vise versa. 



Fairly impressive for Rachel Zoe's first "Fashion Week" collection, but second collection over all. I wasn't completely impressed, some of the looks seemed just thrown in there, like this one, but overall there were definitely some beautiful pieces. I love the the long, tied collars, and the menswear inspired looks.


I love love love the geometric pastel square print that started off the show and how it moved toward the blacks and whites. It's so playful without looking too demure and dark for a spring collection. 


I really love Rodarte. If you go back and look at their collection in full, it's pretty obvious they were inspired by some very famous Van Gogh paintings. I think it's cute that they decided to print the paintings right onto the garments, although it could get a little overdone at times, like this piece. But overall, I think some of them turned out really gorgeous, like the two I chose above. I liked how they moved the yellow color that seems to be appearing on every line in fashion week to a mustarded yellow.

I'll be back tomorrow do discuss the awesome collections that ended fashion week last night! Can't wait!


Images from nymag.com 

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