17 September 2011


I suppose it might have been better to discuss the designers I thought "missed the mark" or "fell flat" and Fashion Week while discussing my favorites of every day, but oh well. I think it's important to note that I try to look at as many collections as I can. There are many that I do like, there are many that I don't like. It's my style which makes me gravitate toward specific designers. I just like to judge the designers based on their design oeuvre and whether or not their vision, at least what I thought it to be, was executed well.

That being said:


It pains me to say this, but I think Posen's collection just fell flat for me this year. I love love love his designs, I think he's usually really fun and flirty, but Spring 2012 just didn't reflect that. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the collection in it's entirety. There were some gorgeous gowns, but the above picture garments are what swayed my opinion. They look dark, demure, and especially the gown, looks like something for Morticia Addams. It's almost as if this collection would have been more suitable for Fall 2012. 

Woah, safari. I chose the first two looks of the collection because they set the tone for everything and basically everything else in this collection follows this pattern. Enough said.


Really? I didn't choose many looks to show because the last half of the show was just models dressed in the famous "bunny" attire. I picked these two because they were the most interesting "bunny" outfits, especially the one that looks like a tattered Jessica Rabbit halloween costume. All I have to say is this is NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, not some Playboy fashion show. Wouldn't this have been better suited showing at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas than at Bryant Park? 

It's seriously lowering the real estate.
Thats all. Most designers really brought it this year.


PS. Can't wait to blog about Marc Jacobs & Ralph Lauren tomorrow!

Images from nymag.com

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