19 September 2011


Fashion Week has come to an end, as well as my thoughts about it. I only have a few designers to gush over so here it goes:


The bright colors in Anna Sui's collection were so very fun. I loved how much pattern mixing she used, and the different types of hats. Everything seemed to have a retro concept and silhouette, with the hats and what not, but not just a throwback. She redefined some of these silhouettes with the bright, fun patterns while still making them elegant. Plus, I just love those butterfly tights!


I loved this collection just because of how different it was, and how well it maintained its vision even though the fabrics and colors changed drastically. It's pretty obvious if you look at Jeremy Scott's collection in it's incredible entirety that he was influenced by the American West. How he managed to make that appealing to the general public, and to me, is his genius. His collection is a complete head to toe look, from the hair to the feet. I mean, the hair almost looks like an old fashion baby doll or a "who", which allowed the clothing a little more playfulness, along with the platform saddle oxfords. 


I'm so happy to see the mod trend isn't really going anywhere. Marc Jacobs' collection served up some absolutely stunning, to-die-for, layered skirts in gorgeous muted colors. Just, gorgeous. This entire collection left me speechless. 


Another flawless collection. I might sound like a bit of a hypocrite, since I was just talking about how uninspiring the Vogue editorial of Kate Moss's Great Gatsby inspired wedding was, yet I'm just about to gush on Ralph Lauren's Jazz Age inspired collection. Oh well, this collection is everything. The hats are gorgeous, the garments are stunning, the styling is flawless. I love how the pastel colors really accentuate how dreamlike and flow-y the fabrics are in this collection. I'm in love with it as much as I'm in love with  my copy of Mrs. Dalloway. 

Well that concludes NYFW. So sad its over, but excited for spring!


Images from nymag.com

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