21 September 2011


I've been thinking a lot about what I write here, on my blog. A lot of fashion bloggers that I "read", I'm really not reading. I'm just looking at their pictures and then clicking on to the next one. I think these bloggers either a. don't like writing, b. can't write, or c. know that people don't actually "read" their blog, since they don't really write anything anymore.

I've been told by many people the same thing. They aren't really reading my blog, their just looking at my pictures. I like writing for this thing, and I don't want to stop, but if people aren't even reading it, it makes it hard to keep going. 

Regardless, if you haven't already noticed, I love wearing tights and many different textures of tights. I've always been a tight wear-er, but I honestly can't stand to see bloggers wearing tights in the summer. I mean really? I love tights, but it's just to hot to honestly be sporting them. Anyway, no matter what I'm wearing, tights always make me feel confident. They can also bring in some fun to an outfit. Like these cheetah tights! I'm not a super huge fan of cheetah, even though it's a big trend right now. But I like that these tights a subtle cheetah, not an obnoxious amount of black and orange/gold print.

I love wearing shorts in the fall/winter with tights because its a fun and flirty way to wear something short without having to worry if your skirt will blow up. I'm wearing some of my summer shorts I cut up with this adorable J. Crew tuxedo shirt I got a while back. I love the juxtaposition of the super frilly neckline with the frayed jean short and cheetah tights. It goes from business to edgy to sexy in the same outfit. 


Rachel Beth.

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.