29 September 2011


So not to mention is the weather just really monsoon-like (again) but I'm really really sick. At first I thought it was just allergies, but I'm pretty sure I've come down with a bad bad cold that has like stages. So first, it was burning runny nose, then it was sore throat, then it was stuffy sneezy nose, then it turned into sore throat and bad bad cough. 

So, no pictures today. I'm just trying to rest up and stop coughing. My chest hurts so bad. 

I thought I would shoe everyone some pictures of things I really want. And they just so happen to be all shoes:

The MkLuk Msc Kloe Women's Wedge at Target.com. Not too long ago I blogged about the Target commercial featuring this shoe. I got this comment:

Anonymous said..

I searched to website for these but couldnt find them. If your able to get a hold of em please let me know how and post a pic of them please! :)

Well Anonymous, there they are! I really really want these shoes. I love how simple the shape of the wedge is. They are only $29.99.. so just maybe! But I want so many different shoes I'm really going to have to decide on my favorites before I spend some serious dough.

Kienan Heeled Hiker Boots at Target.com. I'm all about affordable fashion, obviously. So I'm looking for shoes that emulate the style I want that will fit mine, and the average person's budget. I love the hiker boot trend because I love how it mixes utility with a feminine heel.

Peg Peep toe Wedge at Target.com

Olsenboye 'Cupcake' Pump at jcp.com. I tried these on in the store and I gotta say, I was dying for them. I don't know why I didn't get them, perhaps because my mother talked me out of the impulse buy. I just love the bow detailing. Such an adorable shoe by an adorable pair of twins, at an adorable price.

a.n.a 'Lillian' Pump at jcp.com. I also tried this one on in store and fell in love. They look just like those gorgeous loafer pumps from Nine West but less than half the price!

LUXURY Velvet Platform Sandals from Topshop.com. These sandals are just to die for, and at $116 would practically bankrupt a poor, unemployed graduate like me. I wish I could find something similar online to these.


Rachel Beth.

PS. I just realized how all the shoes I chose were black! Ha! 

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