04 October 2011


The weather has finally gotten back to normal. We're having some beautiful sunny and warm days, which of course makes for some awesome shoots. 

I'm finally feeling a little better although that is becoming increasingly and increasingly more difficult these days since I'm working two jobs. Yes, I'm working two jobs. Two dead end jobs to make ends meet and pay my student loans. It's okay though, I'm just transitioning from one to another, and it's almost done. Then I'll just be working at a really fun coffee shop in my home town. I'm learning so much about coffee, it's very exciting. But moving on.

I went to the apple orchard with my lover yesterday. We ate some apples, had some cinnamon sugar donuts, and an apple cider slushy. I really wanted to pick out some pumpkins but they seemed a bit over picked. Oh well.

I have such a funny story about this sweater. I got this sweater in 9th grade from the Gap, (and I know this because I just checked the tag and it said (02FALL) and I went to give it away to the Salvation Army, but my little sister saved it, and wore it. This summer, we were cleaning out my sisters closet and I decided it was finally time to let this sweater go. So, it's been sitting in a bag to go to the Salvation Army all summer, until this fall, I pulled it back out to wear because the striped black and camel is back in style! 

I'm wearing it with a pair of black Erin Fetherson for Target jeans. I love the hearts on the pockets. I'm also wearing some riding boots that are my mother's. 


Rachel B.

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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