05 October 2011


I've always regarded fall fashion to been exclusively for dark colors. I'm trying to break out of that pattern although I love wearing dark colors most of the time. I absolutely adore the blush pastel tones that have been popular the past year or so, and therefore they've been showing up more in my wardrobe. It's just extending that into the fall and winter rather than just wearing them spring and summer.

I'm wearing a skirt I got on sale from Urban Outfitters two summers ago. It was actually supposed to hit me right on the hip line. I don't have much of a hip line to begin with, thats why I always want to squeeze in my waist to make it look like I have some hips. So, I took out the back zipper, and sewed in a wee bit tighter so I could wear it at my waist instead. It took me all of two minutes to do.

And since we're on the zipper, gosh I love exposed zippers. I love how this zipper totally edges up this ultra romantic and feminine lace skirt. 

I also got these wonderful tights on sale for $5 at JCPenney. I love looking at tights almost anywhere they are sold because you can find really interesting ones. I love that they are a light pink and have this stately diamond-dot print on them.

And if you haven't already noticed that I'm a dress/skirt and blazer fanatic, you must have noticed now. Blazers are a key item, and I happen to have one in almost every color. 


Rachel Beth

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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