19 October 2011


I love all the leaves all over the ground. The colors here in Michigan are so inspiring, bringing a lot more color into my outfits than normally. I just want to jump around and play in the leaves before they all blow away or end up in a compost pile or land fill. And believe me, the leaves are basically all gone from all these blustery Autumn days.

I've never been a huge fan of the color red. I think I've just been affected by the stigma surrounding the color red and a woman wearing it. I always think of the stupid song "Lady in Red", a Stouffer's Smart One's commercial, and these very simple, slinky, Halston-esque red dresses. It's just not me. 

I bought this red skirt from American Apparel a few years ago because I just liked the way the skirt looked in red. It almost reminded me of a tennis skirt, and since I'm such a prep it was a perfect fit. I actually wore an outfit that was inspired by a tennis uniform when I was a little girl, the skirt being a short red pleated skirt, with a gingham top that had crossed tennis rackets. I actually only wore this skirt when I would play tennis the summer I bought it. 

I paired it with this black bow shirt I got from H&M recently. I love the huge bow detailing. It's just enough embellishment for this outfit, and especially for someone like me, who can't stand jewelry hanging all over my body. And it doesn't take away from the pop of color the red skirt gives this entire ensemble.

I also wore my new black loafer heels I got from JCPenney! I love them especially because they looks almost exactly like the Nine West Loafers I desperately wanted but were only $40! Something that I can actually afford. Since, you know, I'm a working girl, a real, middle class person that doesn't have an expendable bank account like some fashion bloggers.

On a final note, thank you to all my fans on lookbook! I was so shocked by all of the attention my outfit got yesterday! I'd like to think it had more to do with the ensemble and not just the YSL tie but I'll take it! You all have left the most wonderful comments for me and they truly make my day! 


Rachel Beth

Images taken by Brian Garcia of Hate Your Answering Machine.

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