22 November 2011








Now, I know that technically the Winter season doesn't begin till December 22ND, a month from today, the beginning of the Holiday Season always makes me feel like Winter is over. Thanksgiving is the celebration of the Autumn Harvest (in my opinion), and therefore the end of the season.

I really enjoyed putting together my Summer Collage, and you did too! So, above, I give you my Fall 2011 Collage. Again, I've realized that I don't wear too many pairs of trousers, pants, jeans, you name it. I'm definitely a tights and whatever (dress, skirt, shorts) kind of girl. I'd like to change that for sure. I'd really love to pick up some nice pairs of slacks and wear them for Winter. There's something really masculine about slacks. It's something I love to play with in fashion; bringing a typically masculine silhouette or piece and transforming it into a feminine piece. Girls will be boys, right?!


Rachel Beth

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