21 November 2011


I've been discussing a lot about trends recently in almost all of my posts. I hope this isn't becoming static or boring for my followers & readers! Trends just fascinate me as a concept; what can appeal to literally the masses, and why. 

Slate, a daily online publication, recently had their editor's decide what they believe the new "classics" of the 2000's would be. You know, like how books like Lolita, or dresses like Givency's LBD on Audrey Hepburn became classics. What have we as human's created as classics that generations to come will look back on. 

I've got to say, as much as I can understand why Simon Doonan chose the UGG boot as the fashion "classic" of the 2000's, I'm quite disappointed. Maybe my disappointment stems just from the popularity of the UGG boot alone, and not with the fact that it does, in a way, deserve a "classic" status. I'd like to think there are more interesting innovations that have rocked the wardrobe of everyone in the world; even the other examples Doonan gives us seem apt. 

But nothing has changed the way people dress as much as the UGG boot. Nothing but the UGG boot has impacted fashion or had the lasting power it has had. All while holding a name that is completely descriptive and onomatopoeic of what it is. Flat out UGG-LY.

Even though the UGG boot doesn't contribute to fashion, or really represents anything that fashionable, it's legacy isn't anything to scoff at. Even if you want to.

Rachel Beth

Images from Slate.com

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