28 November 2011


You've probably already heard about the British Advertising Standards Authority has banned the above ad for Marc Jacob's "Oh, Lola!" perfume. Just to give you a bit of backstory, quickly, the ad was banned because it was deemed to be sexually exploitive of a child who appeared to be under the age of 16. I've got to say, I agree with the ASA. When I first saw the ad, it did make me feel a bit uncomfortable. The perfume is placed in an overtly sexually suggestive way that I believe is objectifying a childlike Dakota Fanning, not the perfume.

However, the ASA has done it again, and this time I'm really completely clueless as to where the sexualization is occurring.

See the above image. The ASA has banned this ad of Hailee Steinfeld modeling for MIU MIU because it depicts a child in an unsafe location. I just don't really get it. I feel like the ASA is negating themselves by banning this ad. It almost makes them appear like they are being unreasonable banning the Jacobs ad, which is clearly very very different. Banning this ad is unreasonable. There is nothing going on in this location that makes it "unsafe". 

The UK is lucky to have something like the ASA, to remove images that create false advertising or are frankly inappropriate. Yet I think they're shooting themselves in the foot for this one. It's going to become impossible to continue to respect they're decisions.

Rachel Beth

PS. I hope you enjoyed a relaxing holiday weekend! 

Images from nymag.com

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