14 December 2011


Everyone knows that the Pre-Fall collections have are being released practically everyday. And it just occurred to me that not everyone will know what "Pre-Fall" means. Pre-Fall shows are collections that are released early, prior to the typically scheduled Fall fashion shows in February, to make them available for sale. Because bottom line, fashion is a business. 

I don't have time to blog about every Pre-Fall collection and my opinions on it. So instead I've just picked particular looks that I find really interesting, inspiring, right on, I love them. 


There is absolutely no denying that Zac Posen knows how to dress a women. Someone this man has unlocked the secret to the female form and can transform the body into the art that it is. The final pieces of the collection are these gorgeous, over the top, gowns that really accentuate the beauty of the human body. I picked these two pieces because they are two pieces I think embody the entire collection. Posen has very harsh lines in the collection, like those on the blouse. Somehow he also weaves in the sophisticate, smooth, elegant curves of the body. It's just gorgeous. I just want to be the powerful woman that wears these clothes. And it's so much better than Spring 2012.


Overall, this collection kinda takes a weird turn in the middle, and so I'm not totally wild about it. But these two looks are just fabulous and I'm hungry for more. I love the bold white and black print of the sweater dress. I also absolutely adore the contrasting fabrics on the suiting.


Oh my gosh Clavin Klein, Clavin Klein. The structure structure structure! Clavin Klein is the King of Simplicity, so of course I love him, and this collection just, flawless. I love the wool, the neutral color scheme, the circled lace, the mixture of leather within. The collection just leaves me speechless.


There is so much suiting in this collection, I couldn't NOT take notice. I think this collection does a fantastic job maintaining a very masculine silhouette, but adding simple feminine touches that don't undermine the silhouette. Like the large button, or the ruffles on the blazer. These additions are not overwhelming, but so nice.

*         *         *         *          *

As you can see I'm obsessed with neutrals, simple silhouettes and patterns, and menswear.



Images from nymag.com

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