04 January 2012


AND WITH THE NEW YEAR, comes new fashion catalogs from our favorite brands. To say that Urban Outfitters is one of my favorite brands is really quite untrue. I honestly find there clothing to be overpriced for the quality, and therefore if I do shop there I only shop for their ridiculous sales. Because lets face it, they may have the best sales around.

And also gorgeous catalogs. Some of the pictures are just flat out beautiful in a rugged and simple way. It's interesting how this particular catalog can go from bubblegum candy shop colors to an edgier, unwashed feeling that Urban Outfitters is kinda known for. You know, being uber-hipster. 

It's apparent that everyone is gushing over the pastels of the SPRING 2012 fashion shows. And the popularity of the wedge is not waning. I love how these wedges are laid out, like perfect little candies, easy to pick up for consumption. I gotta say, I admire the fashion forward that can pull off the wedge. I'm really not a fan of wedges, especially those pictured here that are chunky, clunky, almost brats-doll-esque. But I can appreciate aesthetically pleasing layouts!

Like these wedges. I could do these. The heel is much higher and therefore less infantile and immature. I'm such a fan of red right now, so it's quite possible I might actually pick up another pair of red shoes (I got some red Minnetonka's for Christmas). I've definitely increased the color red in my closet which should be making an appearance on here soon.

Statement sunglasses are definitely something that seems to be populating the catalogs and runways as well. I got some buggy-inspired sunglasses from Claire's this summer that I adore. I'm actually thinking about spray painting them a shiny black because the clear matte is almost too blasé on my face. We'll see how that goes. But don't you just love this picture. The warmth of the greenhouse and lighting just enhances the grays and pinks of the glasses and somehow makes the black dress seer. Makes you wish it was spring and summer already.


Rachel B.

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