05 January 2012


Last year I blogged about the new designer collaboration at Target, Jason Wu. Honestly, I've never been a huge Wu fan, but the commercial really got me excited for the collection he was creating; something that I thought was simply chic and wearable. So here I am blogging about the new ADs that have come out and a couple of the pieces of the collection due out this spring.

I got to say I think this ad is just down right adorkable. Tweetastic! It's got me drooling over the perfectly placed pleats in the dress, not to mention the plaits in the models hair. It's so twee it's almost as if this ad is speaking right to the "New Girl" generation of Deschanel worshippers it makes me want to gag.

Which makes me sad. Because I think this ad does something most don't. In the commercial, Wu explains he was inspired by a black cat, and featured here is the cat. I love how it mixes the inspiration and the end product. You can draw the playfulness of the black cat to the playfulness in the dress.

I still think this dress is down right adorable. I just wish the ads showed a more powerful woman, not an infantilized model showcasing the dresses adorable-ness. This could have easily been done by slapping some heels on that "child."

Like the lookbook pictures they released below. I can't say for sure if it's the same model, but it's definitely putting on the same aesthetic, yet totting the adorably feminine, yet powerful woman line a little more. The Heidi braids and the heels place a nice juxtaposition on the outfit; a great garden party frock or a casual dress for the office. (And don't mind my adoration of the bag; I want it, I need it, oh baby, oh baby!)

I guess I'm not going to hold my breath on this one. Just expect a collection made for those wishing to be adorkable women, those that men can't help fall in love with because they are just so darn adorkable and needy. Sounds like society is reverting back to the 19th Century expectations of women. God, is my feminist showing?


Rachel Beth.

Images from fashionologie.com

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