13 February 2012


IN A WEIRD, EPIPHANY-LIKE moment yesterday, while drying my hair, IT CAME TO ME. The other thing I wanted to tell all of you about on Saturday night! I just so happened to be purusing the racks of my local Target, looking at the damage of the JASON WU line. Usually when I am bored I go shopping. And I mean it doesn't even include buying anything really, but I just like to be "in the know" of what my local discount retailers are carrying.

Last Summer/Fall I posted about some adorable Wedges that Target featured in their "Fall Collection" commercial. I even posted about them later when they were finally released, able for sale. What I never blogged about later was whether or not I purchased them. Obviously, I didn't. 

When they hit the selves of my local store, I tried them on. I walked around the store. I deliberated about these shoes. I was honestly about to break my number one rule of shopping at Target, or really anywhere, purchasing something I want "AT FULL PRICE". Initially I thought that if I loved these shoes as much as I loved the idea of them, "splurging" on them at $29.99 would be worth it. I could definitely justify it.

But what I came to the conclusion was that I didn't love these shoes. I loved the idea of them. I quickly realized that wedges may flatter some, but they are not flattering to me, on me. They don't really fit with my style, the image I want to portray of myself, or the style I want to emulate. Not to mention they make my feet look clunky and hoof-like.

BUT while I was walking around Target, I noticed a whole isle filled with half off shoes. And what shoes did I see? Those wedges. I wouldn't buy them now, even though they are half off because I would never purchase something I really didn't want just because they are on sale. Yet I wanted to let all of my readers know that if they were as enamored with the shoes as I was, and happen to love wedges and the way they look, they should hurry on down to their local Target and buy them up!

I can't seem to find them online, but I am positive they are in store, on sale. But probably not for long, for $14.99, or something.

*        *        *        *        *

In other news,  have you been checking out NYFW? Should be blogging about my favorite looks/collections soon. Probably will NOT be blogging about the GRAMMY Awards because the "fashions" exhibited on the "carpet" were an abomination in my opinion. Except for Adele. 


Rachel B.

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